Paper Craft

Christmas Cards

OMG!! I got my copy of Cardmaking & Papercraft the second it came out and October’s issue is all about Christmas Cards (already!!?).

I loved the Contemporary design ‘Holly swirls’ on page 25 so much I wanted to make them for my friends… So off I went to Hobby Craft to get the cards and envelopes, ribbon and blue and brown card. I went to the BSSBS in the hope that I would be able to get the stamps, but didn’t see them on any of the stalls (maybe I got there too late) but I did get the red gems I was after. In the end I had to order the stamps online from The Glitter Pot

Once I was all set I started cutting the blue card to size, then spent two evenings stamping the blue card with the stamps so the stamping was out of the way. I then spent long nights painstakingly cutting off the bottom of the blue card along the stamped design and added the red gems as I went so they started to look a bit more like the finished product. Machine stitched the borders (one or two have turned out wonky – but that’s the joy of handmade!). I cut the sentiments as evenly as I could and attached them to brown card, then attached them to the blue card with sticky fixers.

Only the holly to colour, ribbon to attach and stick the blue to the backing card to do now, but I thought I would include a ‘work in progress’ picture…

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