Paper Craft


Origami Bible

I just bought these from a well-known high street craft store… Anyone who knows me knows that I have a keen interest in Japanese-inspired art that stems from watching Anime as a child. I am SO excited about getting on and making the animals! Chiyogami paper is BEAUTIFUL, but expensive too so I need to practice with scrap paper first before moving on to the yummy ‘proper’ paper! Sad but true, despite always having wanted to make Origami from when I was a child I have never had the chance, so getting instructions is a boon…

I was really lucky to get the chance to do my Licentiate in Speech and Drama on a play written by my drama teacher based on the book Memoirs of a Geisha. Our drama teacher made us read the book, learn about proper tea seromony, recite haiku and learn how to correctly apply the make-up of the Geisha; it was a wonderful learning experience and one that I’m sure all of my fellow Licentiate students will never forget. I loved wearing my kimono – in fact I still have my kimono and obi because I couldn’t bear to part with them!

Whilst on the subject of all things Japanese – I was given a tea set for Christmas in 2009 frome some dear friends and I love it, so I’ll include a picture here: (my chiming stress balls have snuck into the picture too!)

Japanese Tea Set

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