Little Bliss List

So… Here goes…

Someone once told me to spend time with positive people so their positivity would rub off in your life and not to spend time with miserable people because they will bring you down & turn all your good news around to negative. I don’t know exactly how true that is, but I have found that there are people I want to see if I’ve had a bad day because I know they will have a smile & kind word to make me smile too..

I was browsing and saw this blog and I totally agree with Liv Lane – if you focus on the positive things you will become more positive overall and things will be more positive for you. So go on, give it a go!

1. Early morning cuddles with my elderly Birman, knowing I didn’t have to get up for another half an hour

2. Even though I didn’t get asked for interview for ‘the perfect job’ on Monday everyone’s positive comments that something great is just around the corner stopped me from retreating into my misery hole so I’m going to apply for another job & some volunteering too!

3. Having lunch with my boyfriend on Wednesday, just getting away from work for an hour gave me the courage to face the rest of the day. Yummy soup, cuddles and a hug with his gorgeous cat was just the remedy for computers not doing what I wanted.

4. Having a list of things I had to arrange before I go to Benicassim & being able to tick them off – Travel Insurance, done, hair appointment, done, spa appointment, done!

5. Finding the time on Thursday evening to make some cards for friends and family and update my blog, nothing makes me happier than when I’m crafting; it calms me, cheers me and challenges me! 🙂

6. Getting a text this morning from a friend I made a card for saying he liked it & he thinks I have a talent! Unlooked for compliments always make me go a bit mushy…

7. Knowing that I can leave work very soon and play with polymer clay this evening!!! I’ll be like a big kid!!! 🙂

The Little Bliss List

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