Paper Craft


Squeal!! Another one of my old school friends has become engaged!!! I just want to say a HUGE congratulations to my friends because they celebrated their 10 year anniversary this year & this is just the most lovely news!

I went to another school friends gig last night, and before I got there I was wondering around Covent Garden Market and saw a company called Heartstrings selling personalised ceramic hearts. My first thought was “OMG! I have to get one for my friends for their engagement!” So I got them a big one & had their names on the back.

I also bought some mini hearts for my three nieces too.

Unfortunately my friends weren’t at the gig, so I’ve brought their present home, I’m sure I’ll see them soon. Because it’s no longer a spur of the moment present, I’ve decided to make a tag to go with it.

I used a black luggage tag, silver ink and IndigoBlu’s Love is stamp. I attached it to the clear plastic bag the presentation box came in with lots of silver string.

Heartstrings and tag 1 Heartstrings and tag 2

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