Ludlow Food Festival

Ludlow Food Festival was amazing!!!! Lots of yummy sweet and savory food to nibble, drinks, cooking demonstrations, workshops & cookery schools, the Ale Trail, Bread Trail and Sausage Trail around the town. We had amazing ice cream every day from a different company – yummy. I did a knife skills course – I learned that I’ve been cutting with my kitchen knives wrong all my (cooking) life! So I’ll have to force myself to use knives PROPERLY from now on & not slip back into bad habits!

There are lots and lots of very old buildings in Ludlow, so there is just so much amazing historical architecture to see as you wander around the town, it’s worth going if you get the chance!

Just in case you wondered what goes on at a food festival I saw this T-shirt that made me laugh! 🙂

Sex Drugs & Sausage rolls

I’ve been very restrained, I bought some cookies, some artisan chocolate, a ‘Medieval’ hot chocolate mix, some cider & some plastic food bowl covers.

Sophia Hodgson Signature Tree

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