Geek Out!

I subscribe to a few craft blogs & this was Freshly Pressed – http://sweetsavoryblog.wordpress.com/2012/07/03/geek-out/ and I thought I just HAVE to make a list of the things I geek out about too!

1. Gingers!!!! They DO have souls! and they are beautiful, funny, pale and interesting and for some reason I find them irresistable!

2. Animals – any animal, all animals. But I do have a special soft spot for the 36 existing big cat species (especially the Iberian lynx – Lynx pardinus), horses (especially the Pura Raza Espanola), domestic dogs and cats, ferrets etc. (you get the picture…). I studied Zoology at University of Liverpool and wish I had gone for a job that would have used what I learned more, maybe that is what I will try to do for my next job. I’ve had a subscription to BBC Wildlife Magazine since 1992 (I still have the vast majority of all those magazines too!)

3. CRAFTING!!! I don’t care if it’s making cards, making scrapbook pages, creating fancy dress costumes or decorating; anything that lets me express my artistic side makes me happy. I craft to calm down, I craft to show my excitement, whatever mood you are in there is an artistic medium to help you express it! I often get far too excited whilst wondering around craft shops/browsing online etc and I will see a paper stack or set of brads or something that catches my eye and I think “OMG! I’ve GOT to get that!” even though I have no idea what I will actually do with it, then it gets squirreled away to be taken out occasionally & admired, but still not used, not just yet…

4. Immunology – the immune system is an amazing bit of evolution, and immune evasion is even more interesting. When I was doing my MSc in Immunology of Infectious Disease it was SO interesting to learn all about the cells and hormones and proteins involved, I loved every minute of that degree.

5. Fantasy novels – nothing excites me more than a good fantasy novel – I devour LotR, the Hobbit, Harry Potter, Terry Pratchett’s Discworld, Terry Brooks’ Shannara novels, Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance cycle etc. etc.

6. Music – I think this should be on everyone’s geek list! The reason ‘music’ is on my geek list is because I have such a diverse CD collection – Ska, Reggae, Punk, Pop, Electronic, Metal, Rock, Grunge, Motown, Folk, Jazz, Classical…

7. Anime – mostly the Studio Ghibli Collection films, I also like to draw Bishoujo but have never had the time to work on a storyboard to create a graphic novel of my own, but if I ever do, watch this space…

8. Disney – I grew up on Disney & no one can take that away from me! A sandwich student we had in the lab last year copied a Disney compilation CD for us so we could listen to it in the lab, so I’ve often found myself singing along to a song & after a while found I have an audience through the window… Ah… hmmmm… ‘I just can’t wait to be KING!!!!’

9. Firefly/Serenity – An ex boyfriend got me in to this & it combines my love of Oriental stuff and old-fashioned Westerns & Sci-fi – who could ask for more!?

10. Outdoor Pursuits – I love horse riding, gently bike riding along country lanes, archery and kayaking. I wish I had enough money that I didn’t need to work because then I would probably become a medieval lady of the manor who does needlework, archery and rides her horse everywhere… (going back to Disney AND gingers did I hear that Brave is out in the cinemas…? Oooh, perfect film for me!!) (yeah I love without A Paddle with Seth Green too!)

I don’t know if I should put TV shows on here or not, because it’s a bit diverse – I like period dramas, fantasy like Game of Thrones, Dark Angel, crime shows like The Mentalist & CSI, the game show Total Wipeout… Oh I could go on and on and on!

What do you Geek Out about?

6 thoughts on “Geek Out!”

  1. Studio Ghibli is a geek out must!! I have a lot of similar geek outs to your list, for books have you ever read any of Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden series? Or Mike Carey’s Felix Castor books? I’m sure you’d love Dresden, Castor is amazing – a bit darker though.
    As for tv…Supernatural and Deadwood…like, maaaan!

    1. Hi Lisa,
      I must admit I haven’t read Dresden or Castor, so I will check them out sometime in the future (it’s so difficult to find the time to read at the moment!). I’m glad we have similar geek out lists – have you put yours on your blog?

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