Today is International Women and Girls in Science Day

Scientist work on the burning questions – how do I stop a tumor growing? How do I stop a disease from spreading? Is this gene linked to this disorder? But despite this altruism and possibility for exciting research and findings, very few women go into the sciences, at Bachelor’s level and the numbers decrease further up the educational scale at Master’s and Doctor’s degree levels.

We need to encourage more girls and women into science if we are ever to get answers to these questions and more – the more research we do the more questions it brings up. Women can and do contribute so much to science, so we need to end the gender bias that sees science and technology as ‘boys’ jobs and start looking at them as unisex jobs.

I’m a dyslexic Veterinary Immunologist – if I can enjoy science, so can others!

Sophia Hodgson Signature Tree

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