RIP my beautiful Birman girl

I’m sharing some very sad news today. My wonderful Birman cat had to be put to sleep on Thursday evening by the vet because she was no longer able to stand or walk and we took the difficult decision that she no longer had a suitable quality of life.

She will be sorely missed as she was such a wonderful pet, but we were so fortunate to have her with us for 21 years – she was a blessing! We are all very upset to have lost her.

She charmed everyone that she met, they were all captivated by her beauty and she was so gentle with my Nieces who ADORED her.

Sophia Hodgson Signature Tree

4 thoughts on “RIP my beautiful Birman girl”

  1. So so sorry to hear she has gone, but be happy with the knowledge that she was loved and cared for as much as she loved you, and 21 years is a mighty long time for a little puddy tat! You also have some wonderful happy memories and the photos are beautiful. Big Hugs x

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