Hi blog followers!

Sorry I haven’t been blogging or card making much recently – I’ve been really busy at work with lots to do in the lab (several times I’ve been in the lab from 8:30 to 22:30 the last two weeks & I was working at the weekend as well!), along with my annual report to write & data to analyse. Also, I’m cat sitting my darling 18 year old cat whilst my parents are on holiday & I’ve just been collapsing into bed at their house to wake up early in the morning to do it all again without my crafty stash with me (and no time to do anything anyway!)

I spent the weekend 25th-27th stewarding at the British Association for the Purebreed Spanish Horse in Hartpury Equine, Gloucestershire, so that was a working weekend too. I love the Purebreed Spanish horse, so I don’t mind Stewarding for the event at all, it’s an excuse to cuddle pretty ponies all day! But it is a busy weekend, so I spent today having a duvet day with the cat – I needed it!!!

Unfortunately work will probably still take presidence until about September, so I may be a bit quiet for a while, but hopefully once my annual report is over I’ll have a bit more free time!


Sophia Hodgson Signature Tree

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