New fur babies!

I’m a bit exhausted, but also so happy! I’m still in the throws of a really busy experiment at work, but today I drove 1 1/2 hours to pick up my kittens from their breeder and brought them home (they cried the whole 1 1/2 hours back!!). I’ve called them Mal and Inara after the characters from the TV show Firefly.


I hope they settle in and aren’t too homesick for their mothers (they are from two different litters, born just 2 weeks apart). They are just too adorable, I’m really pleased that they get on so well considering they aren’t littermates. So far only the little snow has left her carrier to rush straight into his carrier so she had a companion, but this is all so new and scary I won’t be surprised if they take a while to lose their fears and come out and explore.

My experiment will be over soon and then I can give them all the hugs and cuddles they need when I have some time off.

Sophia Hodgson Signature Tree

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