Paper Craft

Teenage smart phone birthday card

This is the card I made for my Niece for her 15th birthday. It’s her birthday today and I’m rather disappointed in my step-sister who said we were going to have a family celebration with my niece today, then when I texted her on Thursday morning to confirm what time the gathering would be she said “oh, I forgot to tell you, I don’t think we should celebrate her birthday over several days and because I invited her grandparents over today to see her after school, that’s the only gathering family can have. Can you make it for 3pm?” Now, my step sister and my nieces live just over 2 hours around the M25 away from me – 2 hours NOT in rush hour traffic, and I was working so by the time I had finished work I would be getting on the M25 at peak rush hour, so it could have taken easily 3 hours to drive to get there (getting me there for 8pm, at which point I would be told to go home as my nieces have school in the morning). So I had intended to hand deliver this card and instead I had to post it last minute.



What kind of cards do you like to make for teenagers?

Sophia Hodgson Signature Tree

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