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First Day at School

Awww! My youngest niece is going to infant school for the first time next week!! Last year I made a card for each of her two sisters because they were starting new schools (one had gone up to junior school and her other sister started infant school), she must have felt so left out still… Continue reading First Day at School


Top 1000!!

Yay!!! I just this minute went to to check my ranking and I am now one of the top 1000 craft blogs in the UK!!! (at time of checking I was actually #1000) Thank you so much to all my followers for following me and 'liking' my posts - it means a lot!

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Beach bum

Hmmm... another male colleague's birthday (how inconvenient of all these blokes to make me have to think really hard about so many different male birthday cards in such a short space of time) This colleague jokes about how lazy he is - he will wheel his chair around the office rather than walk & often… Continue reading Beach bum

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Pinwheel take 2

Ah-ha! Things always work better the second time around (practice makes perfect!) I've decided to do another pinwheel card for a colleague's son's first birthday (Awww, I know - they grow up so fast!) but as this one is for a little boy I used a different colour scheme from my first pinwheel card. I… Continue reading Pinwheel take 2

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Birthday and Anniversary!

Wow! I haven't done much crafting other than my scrap book for ages and then suddenly lots of important card-worthy events loom up on the horizon!! I must excuse the photography - the flash on my camera has died and so for some reason it seems unable to take good photos, I must get a… Continue reading Birthday and Anniversary!


Pass it on

This is an amazing idea!!! I’ve got to try this for something… Now frantically thinking what for…

Lemon Zest

Update: I’ve officially become Freshly Pressed! Yay! 🙂

Ever look at a scratch-off lotto ticket and think, “I wonder how they did that?” Well, you can create your own scratch-off cards in minutes! Use this technique to create save-the-date wedding invites, coupon scratch-offs for businesses or holidays, or hide a secret message!


To make your own scratch-offs, you will need:

Something you want to turn into a scratch-off
Clear packing tape or contact paper
Acrylic craft paint in any color (metallic makes it more realistic)
Paint brush
Dish soap
Hairdryer (optional)



1. Create your card, or get your card ready if it’s already made. For this project, I am creating my own Florida Trivia scratch-offs, which I made using the GIMP photo editor. To reveal the answer of the Florida Trivia questions, someone will have to scratch it off. 😉  I created 4 different question cards and…

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Wow!! I can't believe it's been almost one year since I attended my school friends' wedding! Because your one year anniversary is your paper anniversary, what better way to commemorate than with a card? I decided to use my Tim Holtz Distress Inks for this... So I started with a textured white base card and… Continue reading Anniversary